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Kangen Water

Change your water change your life - Health is wealth

K8 Kangen Water Machine

The K8 features eight solid platinum-coated titanium plates, which enhance water ionization and increase the potential for antioxidant production. This makes the K8 Enagic's most potent antioxidant machine​​​​​​.

  1. Versatility and Convenience: The machine's worldwide multi-voltage power supply and interchangeable plug capability make it usable in any country, adding to its convenience​​.

  2. Health Benefits: Drinking Kangen water produced by the K8 is reported to offer health benefits such as improved mental clarity, a boost in energy, and better sleep​​.

  3. High Concentration of Molecular Hydrogen: The process of electrolysis used in the K8 turns tap water into hydrogen-rich Kangen water. Molecular hydrogen is an efficient antioxidant that can rapidly diffuse across cell membranes, reducing free radicals and suppressing oxidative stress​​.

  4. Production of Various Types of Water: The Leveluk K8 can produce five different types of water, catering to both residential and commercial needs. These include Strong Kangen Water (11.5 pH), Kangen Water (8.5 to 9.5 pH), Neutral Water (7 pH), Beauty Water (6 pH), and Strong Acidic Water (2.5 pH)​.

  5. User-Friendly Interface: The K8 features a large, full-color LCD panel and clear voice prompts, making it extremely user-friendly. This design ensures ease of operation and accessibility for all users, which is particularly beneficial in commercial settings or for those who may not be technically inclined​​.

  6. High Power Electrolysis Cell: The machine is equipped with an electrolysis cell that contains eight electrode plates. This design ensures high power and efficiency in the electrolysis process, allowing for the production of a significant amount of electrolyzed water with a broad range of oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) values. This capability is essential for achieving the various health and utility benefits of the different types of water produced by the machine​​.

  7. Advanced Filtration System: The K8 incorporates an internal high-grade filter that effectively removes chlorine, unpleasant tastes and odors, and reduces sediments up to 5 micrometers. This filtration step is crucial for producing clean water and is the first step before the electrolysis process that divides the water into acidic and alkaline parts​​.

Anespa Home Spa System

The Enagic Anespa DX spa unit offers a variety of benefits that enhance the showering and bathing experience. Here are some of the key benefits:

  1. Spa Experience with Mineral Stones: It uses spa mineral stones, including "Tufa" from the Futamata Radium Hot spring in Hokkaido, Japan, to replicate the gentle and relaxing effect of a hot spring, turning each shower and bath into a luxurious spa experience​​.

  2. Easy Installation: The Anespa is easy to install and connects to common shower and bathtub faucets worldwide. It comes with a state-of-the-art four-stage shower head system, allowing users to switch between the showerhead and the main bath faucet​​.

  3. Health Benefits: The water produced by the Anespa system is effective against various conditions including dry skin, poor circulation, eczema, bruises, stiffness in the shoulders, neuralgia, rheumatism, fatigue, and more​​.

  4. Mineral-Rich Water for Younger-Looking Skin: The mineral-rich water helps in maintaining smooth skin and can give a youthful appearance​​

  5. Benefits of Thermal Water: The thermal water used in the Anespa system is designed to refresh, moisturize, and calm the skin, making it suitable for all skin types​​.

  6. Natural Hot Spring Ingredients: The unit contains a blend of natural hot spring ingredients and minerals that are beneficial for the skin, providing a soothing feeling similar to being in a hot spring resort​​.

  7. Purification System: The cartridge purification system in the Anespa DX effectively removes chlorine and bacteria, offering a fresh and invigorating experience while protecting delicate skin from tap water's harmful effects​​.

  8. Mineral Ion Water: The system generates mineral ion water for baths or showers, containing a blend of natural hot spring ingredients and minerals for a relaxing experience​​.

  9. Special Stones for Water Quality: The Anespa DX includes a mineral stone taken from the Futamata Radium Hot spring in Japan, a MIC stone for generating activated mildly alkaline water, and a power stone for generating strong negative ions​​.

Enagic Kangen Water Affiliate Program

The Enagic affiliate program offers a range of benefits for those interested in network marketing and selling their products. Here are some key advantages:

  1. Access to Marketing Tools: Affiliates get access to dynamic websites tailored for specific business needs, with the ability to manage online identity through a personalized domain. They can also create advertising campaigns, build emails with templates, follow their statistics, and have a full business training library and product education resources​​.

  2. Support and Assistance: Enagic provides email, live-chat, and phone assistance for 11 hours on weekdays, along with a knowledgebase blog and training from the Marketing Team, Technical Support Team, and community members​​.

  3. Potential for High Earnings: The compensation plan includes direct sales commissions and indirect sales commissions from others in your network. With each sale, affiliates can earn from hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on their rank and placement within the company​​.

  4. Opportunity for Rank Advancement: Affiliates can advance in rank by accumulating a specific number of sales, either individually or as a team, with the potential to progress directly from one rank to another upon fulfilling sales volume criteria​​.

  5. Linear and Passive Income: The compensation plan offers a mix of linear and passive income, allowing affiliates to earn both from their own sales and from sales made by others in their network. Additionally, reaching certain ranks can result in a monthly bonus for life​​.

  6. Trifecta and Quadzilla Strategies: The Trifecta package (a combination of three main Enagic products) allows new distributors to start at a higher rank, earning double commissions on their first sale. The Quadzilla strategy adds another product to this package, boosting earnings and counting as multiple direct sales​​​​.

  7. Advantage Over Traditional MLM Models: Enagic stands out in the network marketing field by eliminating many of the burdens associated with traditional MLM companies, such as signup fees, monthly qualifications, inventory storage concerns, auto-ship requirements, subscriptions, and annual renewals. Once a rank is achieved, it is retained for life, providing long-term stability